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IT Services India is an Android application development company that provides businesses with high-impact Android apps that contribute to their success.

React Native App

We offer Android app development services that cover every step of an app’s life cycle, from conception to design to coding to testing and publishing. For all types of small and major industries.

Android App Development

android mobile app

Choose IT Services India to develop Android apps. For unmatched success, we provide cutting-edge solutions, cost-effectiveness, and timely delivery.



Native Android
App Development

With the current technologies, our remote Android app developers develop apps using Android Studio, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Google Material, Java.

Android App Upgrade

Android App

Offshore Android app developers offer application upgrade services for a variety of operating systems and screen resolutions.

Android App Maintenance Services

Android App
Maintenance Services

Our Android app developers offer maintenance services that include integrating the latest features, troubleshooting, and more.

Android App Testing

Android App

We offer high-performance and reliable testing of Android apps by our offshore Android app developers.

Android App Design

Android App

You can hire experienced Android app developers & designers to add interactivity, aesthetics, and creativity to your User Experience (UX) Design & Testing.

Our Android App Development Expertise

With Android technology, we can transform and take the next step towards a digital future.

IOT and

We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.


We have experience with e-commerce and have knowledge of Payment Gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and


Our team of experts provides advanced audio and video call solutions using WebRTC frameworks, as well as expertise with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.

Chat Apps

With over 10 years of experience developing iOS apps, we specialize in creating apps that use XMPP, Firebase, WebSocket, and 3rd Party SDKs.

Video Editing

Our customers expect exemplary Video Development & impressive Animation work when they hire us.

Travel and

A fully automated migration involves the conversion of legacy code and data to modern solutions, enabling hospitality organisations to adopt modernisation initiatives well aligned to their business objectives.

Our Work

Android app Solutions
Tailored to Your Needs.

We are an award-winning Android app development company founded in 2001. For startups and businesses around the world, we design and develop engaging Android applications.


Kidmix helps you find all the best things to do with your kids across Islington

Clay Goldberg ( Co-Founder )
Clay Goldberg ( Co-Founder )

``My name is Clay Goldberg and I work for IT Services India their team has been instrumental in building innovation and expanding functionality. If anyone is considering working with IT Services India, I highly recommend it.``



On-Demand Marketplace Service at Home

Matutu Nyabange ( Co-Founder )
Matutu Nyabange ( Co-Founder )

``Your team was fast and responsive…understood all of my directives to the T. Great Job. ``

Plumber service

MySquard for Partner

On-Demand Marketplace Platform for Agency or Individual Partner.

Matutu Nyabange ( Co-Founder )
Matutu Nyabange ( Co-Founder )

``The team from IT Services India deserves my sincerest thanks for their outstanding work on our project. They took the time to understand our project’s vision and requirements in-depth.``

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Social Media App for giving, Marketplace, Job, Dating, Snap It, and More

Matutu Nyabange ( Co-Founder )
Matutu Nyabange ( Co-Founder )

``Generally, the developer team does their work in a professional way and they can handle all projects assigned to them. Communication and replays are fast, and I understand that they work late to finish the projects on time.``

Social Media App Development


Search millions of jobs With tools for job search resumes, reviews, and more. …

Larry Waldron ( Co-Founder )
Larry Waldron ( Co-Founder )

``ITServices India has been my development partner for over 10 years now. I have probably done 65 projects with IT Services India in those 10 years. IT Services India not only offer a strategic level of thinking but also offers ideas.``


giddyup Canvasser

The mobile app is
Used for Door-to-Door
Canvassing. Sales
Job Management
Production, ….

Josh Berke - ( Director cuttercroix)
Josh Berke - ( Director cuttercroix)

``The level of detail and thoughtfulness of what they deliver is so good, that a simple explanation of the next idea serves as the basis for them to take it and turn it into reality. IT Services India and Its team support allow us to focus on core business, product growth and our customers’ needs.”


    Creating brands and digital platforms
with human experience at heart.     




What services does your Android app development company offer?

Our company offers a comprehensive range of services for Android app development. This includes app design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance. We also provide services like UI/UX design, app optimization, app migration, and integration with backend systems.

How experienced is your team in Android app development?

Our team consists of highly skilled and experienced Android app developers who have worked on numerous projects across various industries. They are proficient in Java, Kotlin, and other relevant technologies, and stay updated with the latest trends and best practices in Android app development.

Do you provide custom app development or use pre-built templates?

We specialize in custom Android app development tailored to the unique requirements of each client. We do not use pre-built templates or cookie-cutter solutions. Our approach ensures that the app is fully customized, scalable, and able to meet your specific business needs.

Can you assist with app design and user experience (UI/UX)?

Yes, we have a dedicated team of UI/UX designers who can create visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for your Android app. They work closely with our developers to ensure a seamless user experience, intuitive navigation, and engaging visuals.

What is the development process followed by your company?

Our development process typically involves several stages, including project discovery, requirement gathering, design, development, testing, deployment, and post-launch support. We emphasize regular communication with clients to ensure their feedback is incorporated throughout the process.

Will I have ownership of the app's source code?

Yes, once the project is completed and all the dues are cleared, you will have complete ownership of the app’s source code. We believe in transparent and ethical practices, and you will have the freedom to modify or enhance the codebase as per your future requirements.

How long is it expected to take to develop an Android app?

The timeline for Android app development can vary depending on the complexity of the project, desired features, and the scope of work involved. After discussing your requirements, we will provide you with a detailed project plan and estimated timeline.

How do you ensure the security of the app and user data?

Security is a top priority for us. We follow industry best practices for secure coding and implement data encryption techniques to protect user data. We can also integrate additional security measures such as two-factor authentication, secure APIs, and data backup mechanisms as per your specific requirements.

Do you offer further support and upkeep once the application is released?

Yes, we provide post-launch support and maintenance services to make sure that your application runs without a hitch. This includes bug fixes, updates, performance monitoring, and compatibility checks with new OS versions. We also provide options for long-term maintenance contracts if required.

What is the cost structure for Android app development?

The cost of Android app development depends on various factors, such as app complexity, features, design requirements, and the development hours involved. After understanding your specific needs, we will provide you with a detailed cost estimate and work within your budget.

Can you assist with app store submission and marketing?

Yes, we can guide you through the process of app store submission, ensuring that your app meets all the necessary guidelines and requirements. While we do not specialize in marketing, we can provide recommendations and insights to optimize your app’s visibility and reach.

Do you have any previous clients or case studies that I can refer to?

Yes, we can provide references and case studies of our previous clients upon request. This will give you a better understanding of our expertise and the successful projects we have delivered.

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