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Best 7 IOS App Development Trends of 2022

The Latest App Trends In iOS Development for 2022

It is clear that Apple is prepared for the future of mobile technology with its Each New iPhone series and its new iOS operating system. iOS app development trends are taken into account when building iOS apps with them. As we pay homage to Apple, the leader in mobile technology, we pay our respects. The most popular iOS apps of 2022.

We’ll explore iOS development trends in this blog. First, let’s take a look at what iPhone app development is all about and why you should be interested.

Why should go for Apple App Development?

As obvious as it sounds, startups and established enterprises will choose either iOS or Android to develop their apps. It’s not all good news, though.

In terms of iOS app development versus Android app development, the war is very old and long-lasting. If you’re looking to increase users, go with Android, but if you’re looking to boost revenue, go with iOS.

  • With more than 2.2 million apps in the App Store, Apple adds about 2540 new ones per day.
  • As low as $0.50 and as high as $1000 are the average app prices in the Apple App Store.
  • A total of $22.6 billion was generated by Apple App Store in 2019.
  • Apple Watch launched in 2014, which led to a 75% increase in app, downloads.

In terms of monetary factors, iOS does much better than Android.

Latest iOS App Development Trends For 2022 mentioned below

1. ARKit 2 in iOS 12

As one of the most revolutionary features of iOS 12, ARKit 2 changes the way we interact with our devices. Several users can access the same AR object or environment simultaneously, which has improved the whole AR app market. You can now experience a variety of shared experiences using wireless or local devices in multiplayer mode. 

Gaming is not the only use of ARKit 2. It can be used to view digital art, learn about education innovations, advertise in retail, etc. We are initiating a consensual and large-scale augmented reality experience and moving toward the future of digital reality.

According to a recent survey from Apple, 53% of customers had iOS 12 installed. This is evidence that ARKit2 should be used. You will require skilled iOS 12 developers if you want to release an AR app.

What can we achieve with ARKit 2?

  • As many as a thousand devices can simultaneously use ARKit 2.
  • With ARKit, users will also be able to measure real-world objects using AR using a new measure app for iOS.
  • To deeply integrate AR into iOS apps, a new open file format, USDZ, is launched with iOS 12.

2. IOS App Security

Many strong reasons support the claim that iOS is the most secure platform. As a result of Apple’s constant OS updates, its devices and apps are protected from all types of cyber-attacks. Since Apple users tend to be less stubborn than Android users, Apple has an advantage over Android.


Android has many devices to consider when making any changes to their operating system, thus increasing the chances of errors, whereas Apple controls how its device and iOS work together.

What can we achieve with iOS App Security?

  • Newly published iOS apps must comply with App Transport Security (ATS) for security reasons.
  • An iPhone or iPad app can only access files and make changes to them in its own virtual sandbox.
  • There will be only one channel for each app to interact with one another on iOS devices.
  • Updates are regularly made to the security features built into the app.

3. Launch of Swift 5

IOS developers have flocked to Swift 5 since it was released in 2019. Swift is the most popular iOS programming language, and iOS developers have been eagerly awaiting the release of this version since it was announced.

This version comes with many new features, but none are more important than ABI (Application Binary Interface). As well as maintaining Unicode correctness and compiler support until Swift 3.2, some older Swift 4 features, such as archiving and serialization, will be continued. iPhone app developers company should be conversant with Swift 5 and the introduction of Swift 5.

What can we achieve with Swift 5?

  • Since Swift hasn’t reached ABI stability yet, each binary (App) bundles its own Swift Dynamic Library. The new Swift 5 will make this change.
  • Bundle sizes will diminish due to ABI stability, and fewer language modifications will be required.
  • As part of the open source ecosystem, Swift package manager provides access to over 7000 packages on GitHub.
  • This present tendency has advanced toward producing top-notch Swift support packages within the Xcode IDE by leveraging Swift PM as a library.
  • Similar to Swift 4, Swift 5 will support Linux OS in addition to iOS.

4. Apple HomeKit

How could anyone say no to a smart home that automates all chores with the touch of a button? Smart homes are powered by smartphones, such as iPhones. 2022 will be the year that such amazing discoveries will be made in IoT, which goes far beyond turning lights on and off using an iPhone or iPad.

Home automation features can be accessed remotely via cloud storage if the user stores all device information in a single file. A new wave of IoT devices is revolutionizing the home automation industry, such as the Nanoleaf remote, the iDevices Instinct Switch, and the Belkin WeMo Bridge.

All of these innovations are enabled by Apple HomeKit. According to Macrumours, 600,000 Homepods were sold in the first quarter of 2018. A HomeKit trend is predicted for 2022 based on this evidence.

What Can We Achieve with Apple HomeKit?

  • There is now a separate section for notifications, so users can enable and disable all notifications from one place instead of going to individual accessories.
  • HomeKit can be integrated with Siri shortcuts, which means users can do pretty much anything just by invoking Siri. As an example, you can set up actions so that your bath water is already heated by the time you arrive home when you say, “Hey Siri, I’m going home.”.
  • HomeKit accessories like sprinklers and orbit beehives were introduced by iOS Lebanon for outdoor activities.

5. AI and SiriKit

SRI International AI Center developed Siri as a spin-off project. The closest artificial intelligence we have at the moment is Siri, which is not exactly AI.t now. The speech recognition and natural language processing techniques Siri uses currently are very powerful. With Siri’s upcoming integration of machine learning and artificial intelligence this is changing. Siri is also becoming much more accessible with iOS 12’s Sirikit. Siri can be accessed from iOS apps as well as WatchOS apps. Hands-free use and app access from the lock screen are just some of the new ways you can use the services.

Another incredible integration of Siri Shortcut links a user’s everyday routine with apps and provides shortcuts to frequent tasks. This is how Siri and AI are actually integrated.

What Can We Achieve with Apple SiriKit?

  • Based on the user’s location, the time of day, and the type of motion, Siri will recommend shortcuts. As the user’s situation changes, Siri starts to learn about it and offers helpful shortcuts.
  • Since everything is learned locally on the iPhone, Siri can provide a customized experience without affecting user privacy.
  • In actuality, the most recent SiriKit upgrade made it simpler to integrate third-party apps with Siri.

6. WatchOS 5

Smartphone screens are no longer the only place where mobile apps can be found. Mobile app developers should be prepared for the growing popularity of Apple watch apps. Is this true? The second quarter of 2019 saw Apple sell over 3.5 million smartwatches.  

Design your mobile app for Watch Series 4 with latest WatchOS 5 if you wish to increase your business revenues from this new trend. Siri watch faces, audio controls, and other features are now available to Apple Application developers via WatchOS 5.

What Can We Achieve with WatchOS 5?

  • An interactive notification experience is made possible with customized controls, so you don’t have to launch the mobile app first. User experience is improved as a result.
  • The Apple Watch will also have Siri shortcuts, as previously mentioned. Based on the user’s location and time, this would provide the user with the appropriate suggestions.
  • The new WatchOS 5 provides background audio support for audio apps. Also available are playlists and episodes that can be synchronized with Apple Watch and the ability to control and transfer audio files from the watch.

7. Apple Pay

With Apple Pay, eCommerce users will be able to make money transactions in the future. Apple users are increasingly using it to make online payments. 

According to Statista’s most recent data, there are more than 127 million Apple Pay customers worldwide. You can order tangible things, services, and donations with this payment option. Apple Pay is most frequently used for payments in stores, within applications, on the web in Safari, during certain transits, one-on-one interactions, business conversations, etc.

Online commerce is streamlined by Apple Pay for the Web, which facilitates, speeds up, and secures the purchase process on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. Checkout pages no longer have to be scrolled through. It is a significant step forward for the mobile Web as online shoppers spend thousands of micro-moments navigating without purchasing every day. You should consider Apple Pay if you need to integrate a payment gateway.

What Can We Achieve with Apple Pay?

  • Payments can be made using Apple Pay for physical purchases, online purchases, club memberships, ticket bookings, food orders, table reservations, and bank transfers among many other types.
  • Your credit or debit card information is not stored by Apple Pay. 
  • Since its release, Apple Pay transactions have increased by 500% as a result of the secure payment option.

Why is it necessary to update and follow current trends?

The most logical factor is that people always seek for new things. As a result, businesses must continually update to remain relevant. If we keep in mind that you have a base of passionate users who don’t want anything new, in a very uncommon circumstance. There are still plenty of good reasons to keep your iPad apps updated in line with the main developments in iOS app development.

  • You must leave a good first impression. Your software competes with hundreds of others, so you must provide something unique to draw users in.
  • The hare prevails in the digital race. Why should you wait until the last minute to get things done when your competitors are upgrading daily?
  • Security is of the utmost importance, and as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, apps must update their security updates to remain secure.
  • Customers desire the newest trends in iOS application developed. Apple places a strong emphasis on design, and iOS app developers company are concerned about offering the finest. When it comes to providing the highest level of quality, the cost of mobile app development is never a consideration.

Want to launch your own business mobile app?

A brilliant idea and a flawless iOS app development procedure are required for a successful app. It’s time to include these trends in your iOS app if you already have an idea in mind. However, if you’re seeking for a game-changing app concept, take a look at the trends mentioned above and consider the services you can offer. You may come up with some truly fantastic ideas with trends like ARKit 2 and Apple Homekit.

Our IOS App Developer is happy to help if you need any assist. Launch the most popular iOS app for your specialization after discussing the scope of your app concept with our team of specialists and the cost of app maintenance.


The top iOS app development trends for 2022, we must say, appear to be very far in the future.

You must build a mobile app development strategy if you want to make your own iOS app. To implement your app idea and create an iOS app, you also need a team of passionate iPhone app developers.

Bring your business concept to IT Services India, one of the top iOS app developers in India USA, France, Germany, UAE, Canada, and Australia, and receive the best outcome as an iOS app.

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What do require creating iOS apps?

Though the reasons differ, most companies expect iOS app development because the App Store generates more cash than Google’s Android. In addition to providing a more seamless experience, the iOS platform is significantly more secure and speedy than Android.

Why is iOS app development beneficial to businesses?

The following are some of the benefits of iOS app development:

  • The finest user experience possible.
  • Outstanding performance.
  • Less expensive and faster development.
  • Maximum safety.
  • Enhanced Customer Satisfaction
  • Extremely inventive.

What are the most recent iOS application development technologies?

  • SwiftUI
  • Xcode 11
  • Mac Catalyst
  • ARKit3 and RealityKit
  • Core ML 3 and Create ML

How can custom IOS application development services ensure that users do not uninstall your app?

According to the most recent Manifest poll, more than 34% of Apple customers uninstall programmes they don’t use. Simultaneously, over 28% of users delete these applications because they consider them to be useless.

Fortunately, unique IOS application development has resolved these issues that Apple consumers formerly faced. By using a tailored system strategy. Our custom IOS application development services are likewise heavily reliant on extensive research and study prior to creation. So that we can create an app for you that all of your users will love, enjoy, and appreciate.

What are the criteria to check while hiring an iOS application developer?

You must consider certain things when choosing an iOS application developer so that you do not have to regret your decision later. They are as follows:

  • Their level of experience and expertise.
  • The number of clients with whom they have worked.
  • The number of successful projects completed.
  • What kinds of iOS applications have they previously handled with?
  • What kind of technology do they employ?
  • Examine the portfolio and ratings of the firm.
  • The time frame for developing an iOS app.
  • Client feedback is provided.
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