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Best Android App & Software Development Trends in 2022

The Android operating system was launched in 2008. The industry has indeed progressed since then. This period has seen advancement in Android app development trends.

With today’s latest trends in Android application development, the current process will be boosted by manifolds! New technology is being born from the roots of existing technology.

In these technologically advanced times, Android app development solutions have proliferated (increased) the business scale. The current imperative is to stay competitive.

We will now discuss the technology stack of Custom Android App Development in more detail.

What is Android App or Software Development?

Software development for Android involves writing applications in Kotlin, Flutter, Java, and C++ using Android SDKs.

Reasons of Android Application Development Company is Trending for Startups & Businesses?

 It is possible to make an unbiased decision after thoroughly analyzing iOS vs Android development. The Android platform is the best choice, however, if you want to develop an app for your startup business.

What Impact Has Android Had on the World?
  • It is the largest app store in the world with over 2.6 million apps available in the Play Store.
  • A total of $20.1 billion was spent on Google Play Store purchases last year.
  • An entire year is spent on mobile apps by most people for 1.5 months. As a result, companies have the best opportunity to reach out to their clients.
  • Approximately 40 unique apps are downloaded each month by the average smartphone user.

It’s a wise choice to invest in Android app development for your business’s products and services. Mobile applications that are innovative (iOS and Android). If you don’t have enough money, you must begin by creating simplest Android applications. Additionally, you have a variety of options for developing hybrid Android frameworks, including ionic, react native, and flutter.

Current Development Trends in Android App Tech Stack!

You just learned about the benefits of developing Android software. We believe that you will have numerous inquiries, including the following:

  • What will be the hottest trends in Android technology in 2022?
  • Which tool is better for developing Android?
  • What can we assume in terms of the most recent technological advances for the creation of apps in 2022?
  • How can I create a basic Android app?
  • What does the foreseeable future hold for Android apps?
  • What programming languages should I use if I want to create Android apps?
  • What programming language is used to develop Android apps?
  • What are the top technologies for creating mobile applications?

We’ll reply to all of your inquiries and aid in your readiness for the difficulties. Let’s go right to the list of the top and most promising Android app development trends of this decade without spending any more time.

1. Kotlin

What’s the latest news? The Kotlin programming language will replace Java. A native binary can be created by compiling Kotlin code to native binaries, which do not require a virtual machine to run. Kotlin standard library and the LLVM compiler infrastructure can also be used to compile it into JavaScript source code.

The 22-year-old programming language Java has some drawbacks of its own. This is where Kotlin for Android Developers first appeared and gained popularity in the mobile app development industry.

What Can Be Achieved With Kotlin?

The Kotlin language was developed by the team that created the Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), so it is designed to resolve all issues Java had and outperform it.

Concerned about switching from Java to Kotlin? Interoperability is a feature of Kotlin. Your Android Studio or IntelliJ need only have a Kotlin plugin that can convert Java files to Kotlin.

Java had a lot of nullability problems. Apps can be killed by null point exceptions. Null now has a rightful place in Kotlin’s type system.

How does Kotlin differ from other programming languages? There is brevity in it! As a result, the code is less likely to contain errors.

2. Flutter

Have you ever questioned whether Flutter is effective for creating apps? Learn about one of the most recent developments in Android app development. We lied when we said it was expensive to create two apps for the iOS and Android platforms.

There is a way to create two apps for the same time and money as creating just one. Google created the cross-platform Flutter mobile SDK. It is utilized to create high-end native interfaces for both iOS and Android.

It makes use of Dart, a language created by Google that resembles JavaScript in that type safety support is an optional built-in feature. Flutter will be released early in 2019; however it is now in beta.

How Should We Interpret Flutter?

  • UIs can be built more quickly with Flutter’s Hot Reloading feature.
  • In addition to a modern reactive framework, Flutter boasts an extensive library of widgets, animations, and layered extensibility.
  • It is possible for Android developers to build a fully native iOS app using Flutter by using their existing Java or Kotlin code.
  • Platform APIs, third-party SDKs, and native Flutter code can all be used to increase the responsiveness of your own app.

3. Android Things

Nobody is surprised by the Internet of Things’ recent development. Android OS created the Android Things to support the same.

It is the first Android OS release that isn’t a preview and was made specifically for integrating IoT devices.

Google’s IoT platform, Android Things, allows developers to create IoT apps. They are allowed to utilise it the same way they create Android app code, which includes integrating the Internet of Things Support Library and the normal Android API in order to gain access to sensors and actuators.

In 2018, the initial preview was released. The OS of IoT devices must be carefully considered and updated with the newest trends in mind because new IoT devices are created every month. It was formerly referred to as Brillo. The unique selling proposition of the same is to activate all smart devices and IoT gadgets.

What Can Android Things Expect?

  • 100,000 developers have already downloaded this Android Things preview version SDK.
  • By adding device state management features to Android Things, the core Bluetooth APIs have been improved.
  • Android Things Console allows developers to monitor and control the OTA software update process.
  • It is designed specifically to run on devices with a RAM of 32-64 MB as an IoT operating system.

4. Android AI Assistant

For all of you who are familiar with Siri AI in iOS devices, we have a question for you. What is your opinion of Siri’s ability to understand voice commands and perform functions? The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has undergone a phenomenal evolution in recent years. It is true that Apple’s Siri has been the most innovative AI worldwide to date, but this is changing for the better.

Currently, the AI industry is flourishing and expanding into every corner of the internet with entities like IBM Watson, Google Assistant, and Sophia (the first artificially intelligent human with citizenship of a country).

All upcoming Android devices will include Google Assistant, a new supporter announced by Google in 2018. AI assistants are currently primarily integrated into smart speakers. Nowadays, houses are becoming smarter than ever thanks to smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

AI assistant market share belongs to Google Assistant, which holds 51%. While driving, you can interact with your Google Assistant through Android Auto. During your drive, the assistant will assist you with your day. A new industry standard for AI assistants will be Android AI Assistant.

How Will The Android AI Assistant Perform?

  • Many companies are saving time and resources by using AI-based Catboats to handle customer relations.
  • Artificial intelligence bots have become so sophisticated that they can understand complicated commands and execute them seamlessly.
  • The use of artificial intelligence has improved ecommerce apps’ ability to suggest similar products and pair them with items already purchased.
  • By 2030, the global economy will be worth $15.7 trillion thanks to AI, according to Financial Express.
  • The valuation of the worldwide AI market is expected to reach $267 billion by 2027, according to projections from Globe Newswire.

5. Android TV

You already know that the more screens your software gets, the more money it makes! However, there are only so many mobile screens that can generate revenue.

The concept of Android TV is now emerging. If you have an Android app, use the user’s TV to bring it from their phone into their living room. Head over to the users’ living room!

Android TV expands Android’s capabilities to the big screen. According to, among the operating systems for smart TVs, Android TV has a 40% market share. Improve your current Android app to offer a cinematic experience on a huge screen. Because Google TV didn’t function well in the past, Android TV has taken its place.

Google Play Store is accessible to Android TV users. This suggests that users can use the Best Android Apps to browse the Internet and watch anything on TV. This can be considered a luxury right now, but in the future, more homes will have smart TVs.

  • You can now enjoy the incredible mobile games that you always wanted to play on large screens. As a result, you may now play Fortnite and PUBG on your Android TV.
  • Voice search is supported on Android TV. Android’s voice search capability outperformed the Amazon Fire Stick’s by allowing users to choose material by speaking commands into their smartphone.
  • The big screen is where movies are designed to be viewed. You can always watch Netflix on your Android TV even if you can’t always afford to go to the movies.
  • Pie has replaced Oreo, and the following version of the Android operating system will soon be released. In 2019, offering only a flawless user experience and exclusive app features won’t cut it. There aren’t too many different types of apps available, with about 2.6 million apps available as of publishing.
  • Therefore, there may be hundreds or even thousands of apps that are comparable for each firm. So how will you compete with Uber and Lyft if you want to create a cab company? How will you compete with Amazon and Alibaba if you want to launch an e-commerce app? There is an easy solution. A highly impressive Android app is required if you want to be the biggest fish in the pond, therefore don’t worry about the cost of mobile application design.
  • Businesses have updated their list of demands for android app developers company, and they only want the best for their projects. Companies are knowledgeable about the most recent trends in Android app development. No need to worry if you are not up to speed on the latest features and innovations; we are here to inform you.

6. Wear OS

It was unimaginable until 2004 that users would be able to receive information about their heart rate, incoming calls, changing the songs, etc. via wearable devices.

Wear OS is a new technology available on the Android platform today, but it might have been a luxury a few years ago. Many people now wear smart watches instead of analog or digital wristwatches. Watches, helmets, jackets, and many other wearable devices have been created by many companies.

With the introduction of IoT into the Android OS, users are able to gauge basic activity metrics and the occasional workout, which has only helped the industry.

A brighter and highly scalable future is on the horizon for Wear OS! Round or squarish compact designs and attractive, minimalist UIs are the USPs of wearable app development companies.

Features of the Wear OS include:

  • Globally, the smartwatch market is estimated to have reached 68.59 million units in 2020. It is expected that 230.30 million units will be sold by 2026! 
  • The best thing about Android smart devices is that they can be connected to ALL types of devices, unlike Apple. IOS wearables (like the iWatch) are not compatible with Android devices in the Apple environment. The Android Wear OS, however, can connect to any device.

7. Android Auto

  • How frequently have you seen the map directions on a car’s dashboard while riding in a cab or carpooling? These days, both private and hired cabs frequently see it.
  • This is the Android Auto feature, I suppose. Pre-installed features are available on new automobile models, and they can also be added to some older, more modern car types.
  • Android Auto was introduced to lessen driver distraction by streamlining the interaction with the media for playing music as well as the synchronisation with the maps
  • Android Auto has made it easier and better to switch on driving mode. This is being taken over by Google, which says it has improved it for users.

What Has Changed Recently With Android Auto?

  • This mobile app is now owned by Google. This function will now be known as Google Assistant.
  • The early versions of Android Auto were not reliable. However, the function is now sufficiently stable, and the driving experience has been getting better.
  • It goes without saying that driving safely is important. Version after version, the DND – Do Not Disturb functionality gets better. It is only for the safety of the driver and passenger.
  • After a few more years, we might stop hearing the name “Android Auto.” The feature won’t go away though. Users will see it in an improved way thanks to Google.

8. Jetpack

  • There are several libraries and tools in Jetpack that can help you quickly develop an Android application. It might not be possible to use Jetpack to accomplish complicated development tasks, but it is easy and quick to accomplish the basic ones.
  • These guidelines assist android developers in developing applications and software end-to-end. Jetpack is named after its ability to aid application programming as quickly as a jet.

Why Did Jetpack Gain Such Notoriety in the Android App Development Company?

  • Instead of wasting time on simple coding, Jetpack allows the developers to concentrate on a more important portion of the code.
  • The adaptability is incredible! It functions well for a variety of form factors, including wearable’s, large-screen devices, and foldable.
  • • It works with both Java and Kotlin.
  • Jetpack makes it easier for developers to create boilerplate code.

9. Android 5G

The factor that improves GPS quality is Android 5G. More accuracy, better connectivity, a quicker rate of development, and accurate real-time outcomes are all aided by it.

Unimaginable speeds are possible with a 5G wireless cellular network! 5G’s latency is one millisecond, compared to 4G’s 50 milliseconds.

Not only has Android 5G sped up the development process, but the app’s post-deployment usability has also improved!

One of the most promising trends in Android app development is 5G because:

  • Around 1 million device connection requests can be handled at once because to increased connection density.
  • Prefetching files is supported by Android 5G’s high speed rather than buffering. This is another justification for the longer video streaming hours.
  • You do not have to stay at home all the time to download games or make video calls. While travelling, you can still install multiplayer games and play them.

10. Chrome OS devices

Have you ever experience difficulty when using a mobile app and wish you had a larger phone? So customers can now use the programmers on their laptops and desktops thanks to Chrome OS!

The ability to develop, distribute, and test applications on the same device is a special benefit of Chrome OS-powered devices.

It is a brand-new benefit of using a keyboard, track pad, and mouse to access the app on huge screens!

Additionally, all Chrome book laptops have an integrated grammar checker for effective content delivery from the user’s perspective.

The prevalence of Chrome OS devices

  • Google created the proprietary operating system known as Chrome OS, which is based on Linux.
  • The programmers are installed and accessed further via the Google Chrome web browser.
  • This operating system has the task of simulating a Linux desktop and giving browser features priority.
  • A new app launcher is available for faster flow processes.


Do you have worries about that? How Can I choose the Best Android App Development Company?

It’s not simple to find the best Android app development company. It is comparable to picking one fish from a sea of fish in the ocean. Nearly all businesses and their offerings resemble one another. But the best option for you is a business with the most recent technical know-how!

You can follow the criteria we’ve created to select the best Android app development company. You’re all set!

  • Availability of the newest technologies
  • Trendsetters welcome experienced developers.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer reviews
  • Check out the apps they’ve created and download them Value for money services
  • Are they executing a nondisclosure agreement, or NDA?

Choosing a professional Android app development company is a good investment. Like the stock market, there are no dangers. The correct native or hybrid app development company, such as 

IT Services India, will guarantee outcomes.

As a result, it is important to keep current in the tech industry. Consider this blog as IT Services India’s effort in providing to you the top 10 Android app Development Trends of this decade if you wish to advance in the field of Android app development. These developments will continue to dominate the market for Android app development. The years to come will be incredible for Android development and for everyone involved, whether they are programmers or business owners!

You must contact-us with the best android app developers IT Services India who are knowledgeable about these key trends if you are interested in these upcoming Android App Development Trends of 2022 and want to create your own popular android app.

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In the process of developing an Android application, what steps do you take?

Android app development is fairly straightforward. During the process, the following steps are involved:

  • To begin with, it is important to define the client’s goals, followed by gathering their requirements.
  • Upon gathering requirements, system architecture is developed, followed by wire framing, user interface/user experience design, prototyping, software coding, testing, deployment, and support.

How do you create Android applications? What technologies do you use?

As a leading mobile app development company, we have extensive experience with XML, SQLite, Android NDK, Realm, and Android SDK, among other tools and technologies. After analyzing the requirements, we usually decide which framework and programming language to use.

Android application development time: how long does it take?

App development time is determined by features, screen sizes, complexity, and the frameworks used.  It takes a lot of time to create a mobile app. Your project might take anywhere from three to nine months, depending on the complexity of the project.

What is the cost of developing an Android app?

The cost of developing an android app is governed by a number of factors, including

  • Which type of application do you want to build- native, hybrid, or cross-platform?
  • What type of complexity does the app demand like the number of screens, the requirement of API, user profile, and other essential consoles?
  • The location and pricing of your cooperating business

Is maintenance and after-sales support provided by your company?

Yes, we offer support and maintenance services for all of your business apps that we design during a certain period of time.

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