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How to Create a Messaging App like Telegram

It’s not like no one here is familiar with Telegram. After all, in April 2019, they had 400 million monthly users. Telegram comes in sixth place in the race for the most popular chat application, trailing only Snapchat. What are Telegram’s best features? The most important features of the Telegram application are message encryption, delivery speed, and user privacy.

Let me not hide some telegram statistics. In June, Telegram was among the top ten applications in the Google Play store. No Telegram has 500 million downloads to date, and by the end of 2022, they hope to have 1 billion users.

We will learn how to create an application similar to a Telegram app. But first, you must comprehend what the telegram is. Well, I’m sure you’re aware that Telegram is an application, more specifically a chatting or social messaging application. But what I’m saying is, what exactly is a telegram? Let me state it clearly beginning with the next paragraph.

What Is A Telegram Messaging App?

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging app that primarily focuses on texts, videos, and VIOP service. Telegram delivered nearly 15 billion messages in 2015. That’s a pretty big number, isn’t it?

Here are some interesting features that make Telegram a great application.

  • In normal chats, self-destruct media is used.
  • Animated stickers can be added to videos and images.
  • Slow mode for spamming in groups
  • You can use multiple Telegram accounts at the same time.

How Do You Make A Telegram-Like App?

This type of application has some common characteristics. To create such applications, you must include all of these features in your application.

The list is lengthy, so fasten your seatbelt. Because it’s almost here.

  • Calling by phone
  • Video calling
  • Sign-up
  • Messages sent via text
  • Messages by voice and video
  • Themes
  • Intelligent searches
  • Groups
  • 2FA verification of export data
  • Storage in the cloud
  • Contacts synchronisation

You would also need to take into account some user and admin side features. These specific admin-side features are listed below.

  • Login to manage users Member profiles
  • notification via push
  • Access rights
  • analytics reporting

Your application will be more powerful if you take into account a few additional key features, or perhaps key factors.

Key Features of a Telegram Application

1) File Type and Size

You can send any type of file, including music, videos, and other types of media, using Telegram. It’s ideal for sending photos to family and friends as well as your favourite bands’ most recent music to friends who have just made a mix tape for you. Using Telegram.

2) End-to-end encryption is important for privacy.

This has always been the sole guiding principle of the Telegram app to safeguard user data and communications when used across the network. We can therefore understand the need for you to consider this aspect when creating your own unique Telegram app.

3) Cloud Storage

Users of the cloud-based chat app Telegram can access and store data on iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux devices. While also enables users to monitor the amount of time they spend using their mobile devices for both personal and professional purposes.

4) Various Options for Group Creation

On the Telegram app, you might actually get to create two different types of groups.

We eventually form a typical group on each social media platform. 200 people or bots may be added to this group.

Super groups: ten thousand people. You did read that correctly. It is a private group to which you are allowed to invite 10,000 people.

What Is the Process of Developing an App for a Telegram-Like Application?

1) Market analysis

Any project you work on needs to have a clear understanding of its target audience, but especially something as significant as a messaging app. It’s unlikely that anyone will want to use your app if you don’t take the time to understand who will be using it and what they need from a messaging app. Before you begin developing your app, make sure to take your audience’s needs into account. By doing this, you’ll increase the likelihood that you’ll produce something that users will actually want to use.

2) Concept Development

When creating a social media app, consider what unique value proposition it will have in comparison to existing solutions such as Telegram. What issue will your app address that Telegram does not? How will your app stand out while remaining similar enough to Telegram that users will want to try it? These are critical questions to consider when developing your social messaging app.

3) Stage of Development

First and foremost, you do not need to wait until your messaging app is finished before releasing it. It is critical, however, that the MVP has a critical feature set. You can collect feedback and make improvements by releasing your minimum viable product to a small user base.

4) Launch Your App

You have two popular stores to choose from when releasing your messaging app developed by a social media app development company to the public: Google Play Store and AppStore. Many experts advise beginning with Google Play because it is the most popular option, with over 3 million apps. Furthermore, Android phones are used by the majority of global smartphone users. The Android operating system currently controls 87% of the market.


It is not easy to create a social messaging app like Telegram. Because it necessitates a great deal of patience and effort. While developing such an application, you must be completely committed to your goal. After all, it’s not exactly a piece of cake. For $30,000, you could create a Telegram-like app with very basic features. So why not start with the fundamentals?

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