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Kotlin’s Future in 2022.

Programming is receiving plenty of attention in today’s environment for its growing demand among programmers in these days of 2022, as everyone is attempting to predict the year ahead.

The importance of programming will not diminish for many years, but new programming languages appear frequently, and some of them are adopted by all programmers, replacing familiar languages.

In order to stay on top of the ever-evolving technologies, software developers must take into account the trends.


Android Development

Let’s consider the issue from an Android development perspective. In 2022, learning Android development will still be very important – maybe even more so.

It is estimated that Android applications are used in almost every type of business worldwide, and all leading companies have made significant investments in this field in recent years. Kotlin is the most popular language for developing Android applications.

The world’s android application developers have easily learned and adopted Kotlin after Google’s announcement. Therefore, this year, Kotlin will almost certainly feature in the greatest number of android applications.

In 2022, what will make Kotlin popular?


The Kotlin Slack team’s help and the benefits of open-source will always ensure Kotlin’s popularity. JetBrains created the Kotlin project 10 years ago and Kotlin has always been open-source.


A major reason why Kotlin is so popular with developers is its brevity. The concise design of Kotlin reduces the possibility of error and simplifies development.



In December, Coroutines 1.6 included new APIs for coroutines-tests and dispatcher views, as well as the new Kotlin/Native memory manager.

Kotlin developer company was definitely thrilled to learn that Coroutines is now compiling against the Java 8 target.


The Top 7 Android Apps Written in Kotlin You Should Know for Android Developers


Kotlin’s Brief History

An extremely intelligent team of individuals (known collectively as Jet Brains) presented Kotlin to the world in July 2011.

Kotlin for Android developers:  has subsequently evolved into a symbol of greatness. Only five years later, in 2016, the first official version 1.0 was made available. Version 1.3.10 of Kotlin, released in November of 2018, is the most recent version.


Kotlin becomes the default option: (Why did Google choose Kotlin as their first choice?)

The founder of Kotlin, Andrey Breslav, stated that it was intended for Android developers to be a “better language” than Java and an industrial-strength object-oriented language. Kotlin’s compatibility with Java, conciseness, and support for Android Studio were enough for Google to migrate over officially from Java. However, they struck gold with this new tongue (also considered as the Swift of Android). Therefore, you can without a doubt hire Android app developers for your upcoming project.


Many notable companies and organizations, like Google, Netflix, Uber, and many others, already use the Kotlin code base. Now is an excellent time to switch from Java to Kotlin.


Top 7 Kotlin-written Apps

If you don’t believe me, believe these 7 renowned companies which selected a Kotlin app development company to develop their application.


1. Pinterest

It is by far the most well-known social platform for photo sharing. Therefore, Pinterest set a great example for other businesses when it switched from Java to Kotlin in 2016. At the 2016 Droidcon NYC, Pinterest presented the advantages of using Kotlin. Amazingly, Pinterest switched to Kotlin before Google announced first-class support for the language. Due to these elements, Pinterest is perhaps the greatest Android Kotlin example on our list.

2. Trello

Trello, a project management tool owned by Atlassian, has aided numerous businesses and people in their daily operations. According to an announcement made recently by Atlassian, Kotlin would be used for programming. We chose Kotlin because of its effective interoperability with Java.  Trello gained an instant following on Google Play as a result of this choice, earning an average 4.5 stars from more than 69,000 reviews.

3. Coursera

Online courses from renowned institutions and colleges like Stanford and Yale are offered by Coursera. A company that offers free, open-access online courses didn’t have distinct Android and iOS teams. They decided to start using Kotlin because they just had the idea of mobile. Since it is similar to Swift, improved communication, easier information sharing, and more effective overall development are the results.

4. Twidere

Twidere is a fully functional Twitter browser that improves the platform’s user experience. It is an open source Twitter client app that may be used for a variety of tasks, including filtering out spam tweets, managing numerous accounts, and customizing themes. Twidere is the ideal synthesis of Java and Kotlin code. This app has 1600+ ratings on Github and 100,000+ downloads from Google Play due to its functionality and simplicity.

5. Shadowsocks

A protected SOCKS5 proxy programmer for all platforms is called Shadowsocks. The app enables users too securely and secretly accesses the internet. The app offers an industry-standard encryption method and is designed with wireless networks and mobile devices in mind. With 13,000+ stars on Github and an average rating of 4.6 from 52,000+ reviews on the Google Play Store, Shadowsocks has achieved astounding success.

6. Square

Online payment system Square reported in 2015 that they had received internal authorization to use Kotlin for Android developers for their app development initiatives. Square has since fallen in love with Kotlin and everything that it is capable of. Many of you must be aware of how well-known Square is in the world of online payments. So, their choice to use Kotlin has served as an example for numerous businesses and startups.

7. Evernote

Trello’s upgraded version, Evernote, has many more features. Evernote made the decision to incorporate Kotlin into their Android app in order to support functionality like organizing, task lists, note-taking, and archiving. The building of Android apps is now incredibly simple and flexible thanks to Kotlin. This made it feasible to add incredible new capabilities like the ability to input typed notes, scan handwritten notes, photographs, and web pages, as well as to add to-do lists, photos, and even audio.


Why you should develop Android apps with Kotlin

  • You may easily build up a Kotlin project for Android developers even if you have no experience with the language.
  • Kotlin can be written more quickly, which will save you time and money when developing an Android app.
  • Multiple things are possible, like trouble-free debugging, running from the IDE, and using the immediate run, to name just a few.
  • Additionally, two enormous corporations working on Kotlin to make it a haven for long-term Android development are Jet Brains and Google.
  • By including null directly in its type system, Kotlin was able to solve the problem of the null point exception, making the code more stable and less prone to errors.
  • Numerous new features have been added to Kotlin for Android development, including libraries like Anko, ongoing library size optimization, and different Kotlin Android extensions.
  • Kotlin will practically work on any device that can run the JVM.
  • For any version higher than Kotlin 1.1, a developer can also utilize Kotlin for front-end development.
  • Software developers may create their Gradle files in Kotlin thanks to Gradle support, and with Kotlin native, the future is open for any platform.

In 2022, there will be a huge need for Android app development using Kotlin since users want native mobile experiences.

Yes, given that iOS is the second most widely used mobile platform worldwide, iOS apps are just as significant.

But keep in mind that more than two-thirds of all smartphones in use today are powered by the Android operating system.

Kotlin has been the most practical Java substitute for developers creating Android apps for a few years now.

Kotlin seems to be getting a lot of attention everywhere, from Google searches to the chatter in the tech world. In just a few years after its debut, it gained popularity.

Additionally, Kotlin language gained significant attention from the Android planning profession with to official Google support.

Consequently, mobile developers are rapidly embracing Kotlin warmly thanks to the support of major players in technology.

Kotlin is a popular trend for developing mobile apps in the year 2020 since it provides the best native experience for Android apps.

Despite the entire buzz surrounding this new Java substitute, many Android developers are still unsure whether to switch to Kotlin or not.

However, there are a few downsides to Kotlin as well as some negative aspects of the language.


The popularity of Kotlin is growing and shows no signs of slowing down. Kotlin for Android app development has a promising future, so you’d better tighten your belt and head that way if you want to be a part of it. Find a reputable development team that offers Kotlin app development services for your projects or hire Kotlin developers of the highest grade if you want to establish a huge name for yourself in the Android market. Now is the ideal time for developers to join businesses that specialize in creating Android apps in Kotlin.

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What is Kotlin?

The JVM, Android, JavaScript, and Native platforms are all targets of the OSS statically typed programming language Kotlin. It was made by JetBrains. The project began in 2010, and it was open source almost immediately. In February 2016, the official 1.0 release was published.

Why is Kotlin better for my mobile app development project?

Android is compatible with the language Kotlin. Kotlin is intended to be compact, expressive, and type- and null-safe. It integrates easily with the Java language, making it simple for developers to continue using it. A developer can use Kotlin libraries and gradually include Kotlin code. Additionally, Kotlin’s ability to speed up and make development more enjoyable has been acknowledged by numerous Android developers. Kotlin is the “go-to” language for Android programming due to all these advantages.

Since when do you providing kotlin app development services?

In 2016, Kotlin was introduced. Beginning in 2019, we formed a team after realizing the significance of the newest programming language and completed our first Kotlin project. Our expertise in Kotlin app development is strong. With this knowledge, we can perfectly handle every project that is put forth to us.

How long you've been developing mobile apps?

Since 2007, IT services in India have offered development services. With more than a decade of expertise, we have delighted many clients with our outstanding App development services. With a committed team of developers, we have been creating apps particularly in Kotlin since 2018.

What factors are considered when deciding the project's cost?

Once more, the budget of any Kotlin-developed software varies on its complexity and personal preferences. Project awards might vary depending on a number of things, including the platform chosen, 

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