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Open Source Web Development Services Company in India

Open source web development services from IT companies in India provide specialised open source web development options for open source frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. For every opensource web application development, we offer high customizability at lower costs.

Among the many services in which IT Services India specialises, open source development and customization stands out. Our ability to excel with open source development software has made us a favourite among customers seeking a professional look and feel that can be altered and changed for specific applications.

IT Services India is a web design firm with programming experience that can deliver these open source customization services, whereas the competition is often only capable of designing the “face” or homepage of your website.

Open Source Web Development Services Company in India

We specialize in, but are not limited to, the following open source software applications:

    • Joomla Website Design and Customization

Joomla, the most trusted CMS, can help you become mobile-ready and user-friendly. Joomla website development is appropriate for medium to large-sized businesses. Searching for low-cost Joomla customization services.

    • Magento Website Design & Development

Magento website design and customization services at their best. With the powerful and dependable shopping cart solution, you can start selling more online.

    • WordPress Website Design and Customization

Create your business website using a CMS that powers millions of websites. It Services India develops fantastic WordPress sites that are suitable for any business and are simple to manage.

    • Website Development Using Codeigniter

CodeIgniter is the best PHP MVC framework for developing full-featured web apps, web portals, CMS, eCommerce, and much more.

    • Drupal Website Design and Development

Create the most powerful and ambitious digital experiences with Drupal, a powerful open source platform. Drupal is used to power high-end web applications and websites.

    • Shopping Cart Development for OSCommerce

Let’s get your ecommerce store up and running quickly with the legacy shopping cart solution: OSCommerce. Join the over 300,000 ecommerce store owners in the community.

    • JQuery Web Application Development

IT services India creates modern front-end web applications with jQuery without sacrificing the performance that comes from writing numerous lines of Javascript code.


We are skilled at providing quality-driven and fully customized open source development services with the goal of lowering your company’s overall development costs and providing web applications with excellent user interfaces and advanced features.

Open Source Web Development Services Company in India

    • CMS development

Using open source software to create an easy content management system for your e-commerce, such as Drupal, Joomla, and WordPress.

    • Integration with a shopping cart

Create e-commerce sites with Magento, osCommerce, PrestaShop, ZenCart, or BigCommerce to meet your needs and scale your business as it grows.

    • Theme Development and Integration

Attractive web design with a variety of themes and templates to suit your company’s identity.

    • API/Backend

Simple database-driven web applications built with MySQL and tightly integrated backends via APIs.

    • Module and Plugin Expansion

Custom plugins and modules can be used to extend the functionality of your site to meet your specific business needs, resulting in a highly customizable application.

    • Migration of Stores

Change your current website to any Open Source framework without jeopardizing your data or security.

IT Services India offers Open source development services to create web applications that prioritize performance, scalability, and security. We can create custom Open Source applications to your specifications at a reasonable cost. Our core strength is a team of expert Open source developers dedicated to creating transformative experiences.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about our Open Source Web Development Services processes and how we work by reading the FAQs below.

What is an open source CMS?

This is a content management system that is overseen by a developer community (instead of being run by an individual proprietor). The source code is open to the public, which means that anyone can edit or modify it to create their own functional platform. This unrivaled adaptability is critical. Second, a proprietary Content Management System (CMS) developed and managed by an individual or a specific company. If you choose a proprietary CMS to build and maintain your website, you will have to pay a license fee, which may be charged on a monthly basis.

What is your Open Source CMS development process?

WordPress is one of the most robust CMS solutions, and we excel at creating powerful sites, driving traffic, and increasing the value of your brand. Versatile frameworks, customized themes, and advanced functionality all contribute to a magnificent masterpiece.

What are your areas of expertise in open source development services?

Our highly skilled open source developers are capable of handling large-scale projects in a variety of domains. We have in-depth knowledge that allows us to manage a wide range of project requirements. These include shopping carts, CRM, portals, content management systems, and other web properties.

What are the benefits of Open Source web development?

Open source platforms, which can range from web applications to content management systems (CMS), are ideal for future commercial growth. These not only lay strong foundations, but also add flexibility and scalability.

Our development team ensures that you get the most out of any platform we use. Following an analysis of your requirements, we will design web applications, portals, and CMS to support your business objectives.

Do you provide website maintenance for websites built on Open Source platforms?

IT services India offers dependable and simple web maintenance services. This allows you to run your site reliably while also keeping it updated and professional. We provide site maintenance as well as server management. Our service plans are comprehensive and cover all aspects of web support.

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