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What is CodeIgniter and Features & Framework How Does it Work?

What is CodeIgniter?

PHP web applications development can be built using CodeIgniter, an open-source, easy-to-use, object-oriented PHP framework. With the Database API, you can execute SQL queries faster and more efficiently without having to create a lot of repetitive code, such as SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, INSERT, etc. A framework can be helpful in the development of applications in this way.

CodeIgniter is object-oriented

To use CodeIgniter effectively, and to understand what CodeIgniter does when certain features are used, you must have experience working with object-oriented programming techniques.

But, what is object-oriented programming?

There is a difficulty explaining object-oriented programming from a conceptual perspective because it is quite complex. Object-oriented programming, however, is primarily designed to simplify the development of larger, more complex applications. It is easier to develop and extend your application’s features and functionality by using object-oriented programming, since application code and logic are more easily understood, structured, and coherently in place.

If procedural programming is not done in a way where everything is well laid out, coherent and structured, then applications can become a mess if they are not developed in a way that prevents repetitiveness and “reinventing the wheel” and can make it more difficult to extend and add new functionality and features later on. Procedural programming is simply standard code executed line-by-line with functions as containers for code that prevent repetition and “reinventing the wheel.” Object-oriented programming, on the other hand, implies that your code is well organised and coherent.

What is CodeIgniter Framework?

Using CodeIgniter developers can develop complex websites using the PHP MVC (Model View Controller) framework. Originally released in February 2006 by EllisLab, it has evolved continuously to provide modern web applications.

There are many advanced libraries, plug-ins, helpers, and other sources available for CodeIgniter that enable several complex functions and processes to be accomplished.

You can easily create interactive and easy-to-navigate websites using CodeIgniter, which simplifies PHP syntax and streamlines application source code on your web pages.

CodeIgniter New Features

Modern web frameworks are defined by the features that define their characteristics and functionalities. CodeIgniter is no different. With CodeIgniter, developers can plan and build robust websites based on the latest features.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes CodeIgniter the best programming framework today.

  • Tiny Footprints

As the entire codebase size surges within 2MB, you can deploy and update CodeIgniter source code very quickly.

  • Super Fast

A fast-loading application is loved by both users and developers. It goes without saying that, as a developer, you must have tried many different frameworks. CodeIgniter, however, uploads files in less than 50ms compared to those two.

  • MVC Architecture

In addition to using Model-View-Controller architecture, CodeIgniter uses a state machine design. In web applications, the MVC model separates data, business logic, and presentation.

  • Built-in Components

Developers can easily send an email, manage databases, manage sessions, and more with CodeIgniter’s application-specific components.

  • Remarkable Documentations

There is a good amount of documentation available for the CodeIgniter framework. Also, beginners can learn CodeIgniter in the simplest ways because of the vast PHP ecosystem. Additionally, Github and Stack overflow provide easy solutions to CodeIgniter frameworks.

One of the most important advantages of CodeIgniter is its independence from other components. It is for this reason that the components of the CodeIgniter framework are easy to maintain and upgrade.

How Does CodeIgniter Works?

Model View Controller is a type of framework used by CodeIgniter. First, the controller responds to the user’s request. A controller understands the request and addresses the appropriate databases if necessary.

The controller will accept your request for a customer with the ID 6; it will then ask the CodeIgniter models to retrieve the customer records with the ID 6; The CodeIgniter models will return a record to the controller. Views receive results that are converted into human-readable formats by the controller. Once the results have been compiled, the user will be able to view them in their browser.

Benefits of CodeIgniter Framework

  • High-End Security

It is the number one priority of any web development company to ensure enhanced security. Advanced encryption and decryption processes are available in CodeIgniter configurations.

CodeIgniter’s diverse inbuilt functionalities and security-rich features are why many have chosen to use it for building scalable and secure websites.

  • Advanced Testing Facilities

Web developers can now complete their web application development process using CodeIgniter’s step-by-step testing functionality. As a result, their performance level improves and they are able to plan more effectively for the future.

  • Fewer Codes; More Outcome

Developing robust and rapid web applications with CodeIgniter is highly recommended. The development process is streamlined with the setup of the libraries and APIs, so you do not need to add a third party.

  • Easy To Use

Thousands of developers around the world use the CodeIgniter framework. With the help of tutorials and the community, you can quickly resolve complex issues. In a short time period, developer will be able to master it.

Hire PHP CodeIgniter Developer

Among the open-source frameworks that offer PHP, CodeIgniter is the best. Developing large-scale dynamic and secure web applications is made easy by its friendly URLs.

Among its most notable features is the CodeIgniter’s debugging ability, which detects bugs and errors instantly.

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