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We are a leading Kotlin Android app development company specializing in delivering features and components to our customers.


Get the best Kotlin app development service customized to your needs. Your app’s success depends on our innovative, high-quality solutions. Boost your app’s performance with us.

Kotline App


Deliver modern Android apps faster and more safely with
a programming language supported by Google.

Kotlin Development

Android App

POC and rapid prototyping

ERP System

UI development

API design & development

iPad App


ERP System

App Migration to React Native

App Migration to

Database Migration

Platform migration

Code Migration


API & Database

Our Expertise

We provide Kotlin development services to help you create innovative apps. The transformation of ideas into seamless, powerful applications.

IOT and

We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.


We have experience with e-commerce and have knowledge of Payment Gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and


Our team of experts provides advanced audio and video call solutions using WebRTC frameworks, as well as expertise with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.

Chat Apps

With over 10 years of experience developing iOS apps, we specialize in creating apps that use XMPP, Firebase, WebSocket, and 3rd Party SDKs.

Video Editing

Our customers expect exemplary Video Development & impressive Animation work when they hire us.

Travel and

A fully automated migration involves the conversion of legacy code and data to modern solutions, enabling hospitality organisations to adopt modernisation initiatives well aligned to their business objectives.

Our Work

Building Custom Component Development with Kotlin

At all times a new choice to go to sad excuse partiality allow of the of perhaps at road was made, and a shameful question was successfully asked.


Building Image Processing
& Effect custom component
for camera library.

Kotlin mobile Application Development
Green Square Dots

Developing a custom image processing and effect component for the camera library.

Kotlin android app
HoookedUP | ActON

Building short mobile video. App in Android Native in Kotlin & developing component for iOS and android Camera features.

Swift App
Green Square Dots

Hire Kotlin Android Developers
As Per Your Need

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We'll give you a completely drafted NDA to protect the privacy of your Project.




5+ Years of Exp. Developer for React Native 160 hours per month

MONTHLY (5 developer)


Build a SCRUM
team of 5 Developers

15-Day Risk-Free Trial When You Schedule a Developer Interview

We have
Worked with

Technology solutions to overcome the unique
challenges and generate value for businesses
in different industries.


Travel &

We help travel agencies, hospitality providers, travelers, and airlines leverage technology advancements.

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Education &

Management System, School Management System, Online Examination Platform and More…

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Transport & Logistics

Transport &

Solutions for transportation management, warehouse management, dispatch management, and more…

Read More

Swift Mobile App for Media & Entertainment

Media &

Applications for booking parties, social networking apps, news portals and more…

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Texi Booking app

Booking app

Taxi Business apps, Taxi Business for Corporations, Car Rental apps, Air Taxi apps

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Food Delivery App

Food Delivery

I recommend launching your on-demand delivery app now. We have built several apps in this field.

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Fitness App Development Company

Fitness App

Nutrition and Diet apps, Workout and Personal Trainer apps, Meditation and Yoga apps, Activity tracking apps.

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Market place app development


IT services India offers a marketplace solution that lets you create a fully customised marketplace with the…..

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Real Estate App

Real estate

Grow your real estate business with a custom digital solution built by IT Services India experts.

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    Creating brands and digital platforms
with human experience at heart.     




Why should I choose Kotlin for my app development project?

  • Kotlin is a modern programming language that offers a wide range of benefits for software development. It’s designed to be concise, expressive, and interoperable with existing Java code bases. Kotlin’s type inference and concise syntax can significantly reduce the amount of boilerplate code, leading to more efficient development. It also provides features like null safety, extension functions, and coroutines, which enhance code quality and allow for better handling of asynchronous operations. Choosing Kotlin for your project can result in faster development cycles, improved code maintainability, and enhanced performance.

Why should I work with IT Services India to hire Kotlin app developers?

  • When choosing to hire Kotlin app developers in India, IT Services India is a well-known name. When you employ Kotlin app developers from us, you will receive the following:
    • Quick reactions to problems.
    • A plan that is business-oriented.
    • Quick, seamless affordable execution.
    • Focus on results.

Can I hire Kotlin developers for project- or hourly-based work?

  • Yes, depending on your needs, you may hire our experts for hourly or project-based Kotlin app development services.We would be pleased to provide you with a quotation and proposal if you are developing a new app, need help with tech support from our staff, or want to launch your next app.Hiring a Kotlin developer may be preferable to outsourcing development work, depending on the sort of development demand and the project you have in mind.If the position you have is more manageable or smaller, an hourly agreement would be suitable. On the other hand, if your project is bigger or more complicated and requires a software developer’s full-time attention, employing developers on.

How does IT Services India approach concerning hiring Kotlin programmers?

  • It’s easy to hire offshore Kotlin developers from IT Services India. Our Kotlin developers’ resumes are the first thing we give you, and you can choose one of them based on your needs. We’ll select a time frame next, one that may be changed as needed.

How can I engage with and teach the Kotlin developer I hired?

  • Online Kotlin developer hiring means that communication is never a problem. Our Kotlin developers communicate with the rest of the team and our clients effectively by using platforms like Google Meet and Skype.

In order for you to comfortably coordinate with us, our experts also provide Kotlin app development services at a time that is appropriate for you.

What are the various modules you offer for developing Android apps in Kotlin?

For many other modules, we offer Kotlin Android app development services. Among our most well-liked modules are:

  • Services for Kotlin Android App Development for E-Commerce
  • Development of Kotlin Android Apps for Social Networking
  • Healthcare Kotlin Android App Development Services
  • Services for Kotlin Android App Development in Education
  • Every of our components have been developed to specifically address the requirements of our customers.

What Kotlin-related Android development services does IT Services India provide?

  • The best Android development company, as IT Services India, provides a range of top-notch Kotlin Android development services. Our team of skilled Kotlin developers can assist you in developing powerful, scalable, and trustworthy Android applications. Kotlin Android app development, Kotlin Android SDK expansion, and Kotlin Android UI/UX development are just a few of the many services we provide. We also provide a wide range of other Android development services, including the creation of Android wearable, games, and apps.

What does an app developer in Kotlin do?

The position of Kotlin developers is to create software and applications utilizing the language. They take part in every phase of the development process and, if needed, test and change features.

Can you migrate our existing Java codebase to Kotlin?

  • Absolutely. Our Kotlin development team has extensive experience in migrating Java codebases to Kotlin. Kotlin’s seamless interoperability with Java allows for a gradual migration, where we can refactor and rewrite parts of your codebase in Kotlin while preserving the functionality of the existing Java code. This approach ensures a smooth transition without disrupting your product’s operation. Our experts can analyze your codebase, identify migration opportunities, and implement the migration process efficiently, ensuring improved code quality and maintainability.

How do you ensure the security of Kotlin applications?

  • Security is a top priority for us. Our Kotlin development process includes several measures to ensure the security of the applications we build. We follow best practices for secure coding and perform thorough code reviews to identify and address potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, we keep up-to-date with the latest security updates and patches for both Kotlin and its underlying libraries. Regular security audits and penetration testing are conducted to identify and mitigate any potential security risks. Rest assured, we take every precaution to deliver Kotlin applications that meet the highest security standards.
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