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By hiring our expert Node.js developers, you’ll be able to gain
an edge over your competitors.

Timely, accurate, and within budget.

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As a top-tier Node.js development company, we are committed to delivering high performance, scalable, and timely web applications.


Node.js Development for Fast, Secure, And Modern Web Apps.


Node.js offers seamless data exchange, an effective backend, and faster solutions from Windows Nonstop to UNIX to OS X servers. As a Node.js backend and server-side application development company, we ensure to develop feature-rich, scalable, and high-end solutions.

Clients come first to us.

No matter how challenging your idea might be,
IT Services India can implement it.



There are no limits to the size, complexity, or preferences of the Node.js applications we can develop.



In our Node.js development company, we are familiar with all Node.js tech stacks, so we are prepared to consult you on your project according to the following requirements:

  • The needs;
  • Developing goals;
  • A list of ideas.
Maintenance and Support

and Support

Besides Node.js software development, IT services India provides a wide range of Node.js development services, including:

  • A maintenance plan;
  • Fixing urgent issues;
  • On Going support

Node.js for web

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Express JS
Express JS
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A Google-supported programming language lets you build modern Android apps faster and safer.

Angular JS

Node.js Web Application

Hire expert Node.js developers who
will custom develop a feature-rich and
a dynamic website that will meet client’s
business needs.

Angular.JS Development Service


We have a wealth of industry experience to provide suggestions and customize the application to make it more user-friendly and functional.

Kotlin Development

Node.js Mobile
App Services

Our Node.js developers use this powerful technology to build real-time, cross-platform, responsive & native mobile apps with a fast back-end.

Angular.JS Maintenance & Support

Back-end Dashboard

We develop a custom and high-performing CMS-enabled back-end dashboard system to meet the need for keeping the web app updated.


Node.js UI/UX

We are a leading Node.js development services provider which is also renowned for real-time, appealing & intuitive UI/UX designs.


Node.js Plugin

Custom plugin development services are provided by our Node.js master coders to improve a website’s performance and functionality.

Our Expertise

Expert Node.js development services to create efficient, scalable, and dynamic applications tailored to meet your specific needs.

IOT and

We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.


We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.


We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.

Chat Apps

We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.

Video Editing

We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.

Our Case Studies

Our clients built these amazing apps to solve real-life and business problems.


MySquard is a B2B & B2C application Verified, experienced and efficient service providers ready to serve you wherever and whenever you need a service. They have put together a network of trusted providers to give you the best quality services.

Thousands of local and national service providers across North America are available through MySquard. Whether you need a barber or a house cleaner, MySquard has it covered for you.

With NodeJS development services along with the most cutting-edge technologies, we built a truly innovative solution with lightning-fast performance and smooth content delivery.

Headquarters: USA

Number of users:


Skyhub is a MLS Listing application. Skyhub Canadian MLS listings can help you find your dream home. Whether you’re looking for a cozy condo in a bustling city or a luxurious estate in a rural area, you can find it on the Skyhub MLS.

To search MLS listings, you can use the MLS website or a real estate broker’s website. You can search by location, price range, and/or type of property. You can also save your search criteria, so you can be alerted when new listings that fit your criteria become available.

It was made possible with features such as the Secrets API, Pod security policies, Role-based Access Control, and Node Js and Next js.

Headquarters: Canada

Number of users:
70,00,0000 +

Why IT Services India is the Best Node.js Development Company

We are trusted by startups and recognized international companies alike as the leading NodeJS development company in the USA US european-union Europe.

We provide a full range of services related to NodeJS development, so we are prepared to analyze your business requirements and overcome every challenge to deliver the right solution for your project.

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Node.js developers at
their best

Providing leading web development solutions based on Node.js, IT Services India helps your business achieve international recognition and success.

Our expertise and constant dedication to our clients have enabled us to offer you a first-of-its-kind Node.js development service.

Time and cost

Our NodeJS web development company has a team of strong, experienced developers who can deliver you a pocket-friendly solution in a timely manner.

A comparison of IT Services India’s rates with those of other NodeJS solutions reveals a 35% saving.

Clear English

A successful collaboration depends on clear communication, so IT Services India’s NodeJS agency puts its clients first.

You will receive constant follow-ups about your project from all of our employees due to their excellent English skills.

Top 4 advantages of using Node.js

node js

1. Extremely fast

The reason Node.js is fast is because it is incredibly lightweight.

  • A key characteristic of Node.js is that it’s based on technology developed specifically for Google’s Chrome browser.
  • Furthermore, a single language allows instant synchronization between the client and the server.
  • If you plan to make a game online, a chat tool, or a video conference tool, or if your project relies on frequently updated data, then Node.js is for you.

2. A long-term commitment

With almost 7 million users around the world, JavaScript stands behind NodeJS as one of the most popular programming languages.

  • A key characteristic of NodeJS is that it’s based on technology developed specifically for Google’s Chrome browser.
  • For businesses, it’s a huge advantage over having to decide which technology to replace and which technology to use next, instead of focusing on making their product better.
  • You should choose a Node.js development company that has a proven track record of delivering stable and reliable products!

3. Scalability on steroids

If you are looking to grow your business, Node.js is the perfect language for building a web app with the capability of handling 1 million or more users.

  • Due to its modular design, scaling Node.js apps is cost-effective. A great example is Walmart, which used Node.js to redesign its website architecture. This allowed Walmart to ensure 100% uptime on Black Friday and achieve a 20 percent increase in conversions overall as well as a 98% increase in conversions on mobile devices.

4. Market entry is faster

It is extremely lightweight, making it neither difficult to use nor slow to develop with.

  • By using Node.js alternatives, you can build your web application with more features while reducing the development time. Even a slight delay in the release of a new product can have a devastating effect on your business, regardless of your company’s size.
  • This challenge can be solved with the help of Node.js, a time-efficient technology.


Technology Expertise

Your product’s success and functionality are determined by the technology stack you choose. IT Services India builds your product using the latest technology stack, various programming languages, and proven platforms. IT Services India has been acclaimed as an expert in React Native on Node Js and is proficient in all of these technologies.

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React Native
70+ Project

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React Js
40+ Project


85 Project


18 Project


8 Project


15+ Project


12 Project


Angular Js
30 Project

Our Work

Building Backend & Frontend Web Development with Node.js

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Building Image Processing
& Effect custom component
for camera library.

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Building App Create forms,
share them online, receive
instant alerts, and efficiently
manage your data with our
integrated apps

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Node JS Mobile Application
HoookedUP | ActON

Building short mobile video.
App in Android Native in
Kotlin & developing
component for iOS and
android Camera features.

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Swift App
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Hire Node.js Backend and Frontend
Developers As Per Your Need

Pricing transparency | Fully Signed NDA | Code Security | Easy Exit Policy



A fully signed NDA will protect the confidentiality of your project




5+ Years of Exp. Developer of React Native 160 hours per month

MONTHLY (5 developer)


Team of 5 Developers

Get a 15-day risk-free trial when you schedule a Node.js developer interview

We have
Worked with

Technology solutions to overcome the unique
challenges and generate value for businesses
in different industries.

Travel & Hospitality Swift Mobile App

Travel &

We help travel agencies, hospitality providers, travelers, and airlines leverage technology advancements.

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Education & E-learning Mobile App

Education &

Management System, School Management System, Online Examination Platform and More…

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Transport & Logistic Swift Mobile App

Transport &

Solutions for transportation management, warehouse management, dispatch management, and more…

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Swift Mobile App for Media & Entertainment

Media &

Applications for booking parties, social networking apps, news portals and more…

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taxi booking app

Booking app

Taxi Business apps, Taxi Business for Corporations, Car Rental apps, Air Taxi apps

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On demand food delivery app

Food Delivery

I recommend launching your on-demand delivery app now. We have built several apps in this field.

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Fitness app development company

Fitness App

Nutrition and Diet apps, Workout and Personal Trainer apps, Meditation and Yoga apps, Activity tracking apps.

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market place app development


IT services India offers a marketplace solution that lets you create a fully customised marketplace with the…..

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real estate mobile app

Real estate

Grow your real estate business with a custom digital solution built by IT Services India experts.

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What is Node.js Technology?

  • Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript environment for web application development that utilities Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js requires a single JavaScript programming language from both the server and client ends, unlike other conventional programming languages where the server-side and client-side languages differ.

What advantages are provided by using Node.js technology?

  • The following are some of Node.js’s main advantages:
    • Real-time applications are the most suitable.
    • Consists of quick native bindings.
    • Cloud scalability and affordable hosting.
    • Delivery of the minimum viable product (MVP) quickly.
    • Written code that works across multiple platforms.
    • Several extensions and packages that is available.
    • Low development costs and economical solutions.

How do you approach about developing a Node.js a project in mind

As a top Node.js development company, we use very typical practices. We appoint a customized team for the project that includes UI/UX designers, Node.js developers, a project manager, and quality analysts who will ensure that superior outcomes have been achieved, depending on the specific Node.js web development needs. We often use Agile implementation for the implementation.

What can be developed with Node.js?

  • We have experience in a number of industries, including banking, government and legal solutions, real-time apps, custom ecommerce, streaming services, and healthcare. There are no specific restrictions on usage, though, and our Node.js engineers are fully at ease using it to create any kind of solution. Node.js has gained popularity as a backend technology in recent years. However, Node.js is mostly utilized to create Real-Time Applications and the solution for extremely heavy traffic loads. Applications like gaming programmes, social media sites, video streaming services, chatting programmes, and many others can be backed up using Node.js.

How skilled is your team with Node.js?

  • Our Node.js developers, advisors, and developers have created and migrated a significant number of applications, making them knowledgeable in all facets of the Node.js ecosystem, including the most popular backend frameworks. By using the speed, high-performance, and lightweight capabilities that Node.js offers, our Node.js consulting and development services assist our clients in designing client-side and server-side web applications.

When working with Node.js, what front-end technologies are you most comfortable sporting?

  • There are no known limitations on how the frontend framework can be used. With Javascript frameworks like Bootstrap, Angular, React, Vue, JavaScript, jQuery, or any other JavaScript framework, our Node.js engineers are at ease.

Why work with IT Services India to acquire Node.js developers?

Leading Node.js Development Company IT Service India. When you hire Node.js developers from us, you get a solid, user-friendly, and creative application.


The benefits of hiring a Node.js developer from us are listed below.


  • Continuity of communication
  • Absolute openness
  • Affordable prices
  • Stern NDAs
  • Full IP protection and security
  • Trained and accomplished Node.js developers
  • 24/7 assistance and upkeep
  • Effortless project management
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