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Svelte.Js Development Company

Kotlin mobile app developer

We create websites, apps, and brand identities.

Svelte.js Development Company

Svelte.Js Development Company – We offer complete Svelte.Js development solutions & services to solve complex business problems

Svelte JS

Svelte.Js is the newest addition to the open-source frameworks for building user interfaces. It compiles code into framework-less Vanilla JS and adds reactivity to JavaScript without undertaking complex state management.

Hire Svelte.Js

Vue js App Development

You’ll work with a project manager who regularly communicates where the project’s at and keeps things on schedule. No surprises.

Angular JS

Svelte.Js Single
Page Apps

Work with Svelte.js consultants who deliver robust, maintainable, and expandable applications.

App Migration to React Native

Svelte.Js Custom

Our experienced svelte.js developers offer consulting, development, upgrades, migrations, and maintenance.

Angular.JS Design

Svelte.JS Support
& Maintenance

Experience with frameworks that can assist enterprises from the design phase to the architecture phase.

Angular.JS Maintenance & Support


Expert in developing scalable, full-featured business applications with svelte.js.

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Providing svelte.js development services to help clients create rich internet applications specific to their businesses.

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Performance and functionality are optimized with our custom svelte JS components.

Our Expertise

We use iOS technology as the catalyst to transform and take the next step in the digital journey.

IOT and

We provide advanced Audio/Video call solutions using WebRTC framework, as well as experience with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.


We have experience with e-commerce and have knowledge of Payment Gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and


Our team of experts provides advanced audio and video call solutions using WebRTC frameworks, as well as expertise with 3rd Party Calling Services like TokBox.

Chat Apps

With over 10 years of experience developing iOS apps, we specialize in creating apps that use XMPP, Firebase, WebSocket, and 3rd Party SDKs.

Video Editing

Our customers expect exemplary Video Development & impressive Animation work when they hire us.

Travel and

A fully automated migration involves the conversion of legacy code and data to modern solutions, enabling hospitality organizations to adopt modernisation initiatives well aligned to their business objectives.

Our Work

Building Custom Component Development with Kotlin

It means you get to work with a team for competitive prices but with the ease and high standards of an in-house design team.


Building On-Demand
Services App.

React Native App
Kotlin mobile Application Development
Green Square Dots

Online store for selling
products of different
categories to local people.

Angular js
MySquard | Partner Deshbord

Building Partner dashboard
for order, Payment, Employee
Management system on IOS,
Ipad, Web.

React Native App
Vue js app development services
Mask Group 170
Green Square Dots

We have
Worked with

Technology solutions to overcome the unique
challenges and generate value for businesses
in different industries.

Travel & Hospitality Swift Mobile App

Travel &

We help travel agencies, hospitality providers, travelers, and airlines leverage technology advancements.

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Education & E-learning Mobile App

Education &

Management System, School Management System, Online Examination Platform and More…

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Transport & Logistic Swift Mobile App

Transport &

Solutions for transportation management, warehouse management, dispatch management, and more…

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Swift Mobile App for Media & Entertainment

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Applications for booking parties, social networking apps, news portals and more…

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taxi booking app

Booking app

Taxi Business apps, Taxi Business for Corporations, Car Rental apps, Air Taxi apps

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On demand food delivery app

Food Delivery

I recommend launching your on-demand delivery app now. We have built several apps in this field.

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Fitness app development company

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Nutrition and Diet apps, Workout and Personal Trainer apps, Meditation and Yoga apps, Activity tracking apps.

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IT services India offers a marketplace solution that lets you create a fully customised marketplace with the…..

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Key Differentiators of Hiring Svelte.Js Developers from IT Services India

With our team of Svelte.Js developers, we add capabilities in areas such as strategy, consulting, development, and maintenance.

Secure Web App

Creating safe web applications in line with the highest and latest security standards to avoid data breaches, malware, and attacks.


Svelte.JS developers at IT Services India provide secure, reliable, and high-performance web applications.

web App

PWA e-commerce solutions with Svelte.Js storefront resulting in increased reach and visibility among a wider audience across the globe.


Improve the extensibility of Svelte.js apps with third-party plugin integration for increased interaction and improved functionality.

Svelte JS Developer



What is Svelte js?

  • Svelte JS is a modern, component-based JavaScript framework used for building web applications. Unlike traditional frameworks, Svelte shifts the heavy lifting from the browser to the compilation step, resulting in faster load times and improved performance. It offers a simplified syntax and excellent reactivity, making it an ideal choice for building highly interactive user interfaces.

Why should I choose Svelte js for my web project?

  • Svelte offers several advantages over other frameworks. Its small bundle size ensures faster loading and reduced bandwidth consumption. With no virtual DOM, Svelte eliminates runtime overhead and delivers impressive performance. Additionally, its intuitive syntax and powerful reactivity make development faster and more straightforward.

What types of projects can your Svelte js developers handle?

  • Our Svelte developers have extensive experience in handling a wide range of projects, including but not limited to web applications, single-page applications (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), real-time dashboards, data visualization tools, and more. Whether it’s a simple website or a complex enterprise-grade application, our team is well-equipped to deliver top-notch solutions.

Can you migrate my existing project to Svelte js?

  • Yes, we provide seamless migration services to help you transition your existing web application or project to Svelte JS. Our skilled developers follow industry best practices to ensure a smooth and efficient migration with minimal disruptions.

How do you ensure the performance of Svelte js applications?

  • Performance is a top priority for us. We employ various optimization techniques, such as code splitting, lazy loading, and tree shaking, to reduce bundle size and improve loading times. Svelte’s inherent efficiency further contributes to the overall performance of the applications we build.

Do you offer ongoing support and maintenance for Svelte js projects?

  • Yes, we offer post-development support and maintenance services to ensure your Svelte application continues to run smoothly. Whether it’s bug fixing, security updates, or feature enhancements, our team will be there to assist you throughout the project’s lifecycle.

How do you handle data management in Svelte js applications?

  • Svelte comes with its built-in reactive system, which makes managing data a breeze. We utilize this system along with state management libraries like Redux or Mobx, depending on the project’s requirements. This ensures efficient data flow and state synchronization throughout the application.

What sets your Svelte js development company apart from others?

  • At our Svelte js development company, we pride ourselves on a combination of technical expertise, creativity, and commitment to client success. Our team of skilled developers stays up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in Svelte development, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions that exceed expectations. We emphasize clear communication, on-time delivery, and transparency, fostering strong and lasting partnerships with our clients.
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