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Design and Discovery Phase

Developing taxi booking apps requires understanding both end-users needs and industry needs. This is why our applications are so popular among our customers and users.

How do the design and discovery
phase work?

Utilizing various delivery models, we help your business leverage the latest technology. With delivery
models, you can experience quick project turnarounds in fast-paced environments.

We use the Design and Discovery Phase to clarify the product goals,
anticipate the business outcomes of its launch, pick the most important
features, and determine the functionality for a future MVP.

You will have an accurate product view with Key Product Features.
User Journeys, Mockups, Wireframes, and a Clickable Prototype.

First step

Product Definition

In the product definition step, we define the business goals and challenges of the potential product. They should be challenging, attainable, specific, time-limited, positive, and flexible.

The goals are being defined with end-users in mind. At this stage, we are not discussing “What” should be built, but “For Whom” and “How” would simplify users’ lives.

The result

After the Product Definition stage, we get a clear vision of the product’s business tasks that align with the product’s business goals.

Discovery Phase

Second step


The idea behind this step is to visualize the product development process. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to accomplish this.

A user story map is a design for describing the interactions between information pieces within a system. The scenarios are based on business goals and priorities.

The result

The application architecture of a product is built based on a set of user stories.

Discovery Phase

Third step


A Business Analyst develops a set of clickable Wireframes based on the User Story Map and adds them to the descriptive section of the document.

Prototyping involves a number of processes. Using the wireframes, UI/UX designers start making sketches for the future product. Simultaneously, a project manager creates an item backlog and a project plan using a User Story Map.

The result

After this stage, we prioritized and estimated the product backlog with a visual representation of the product’s development.

IT Services Discovery Phase

Discovery Workshop
at the Frontiers

Once every step of the presentation has been approved and accepted by the client, the Design and Discovery phase will be complete.


A clear vision of product development and its business outcomes


A solid foundation for future Minimum Viable Product


The validated ideas before investing in the actual product development process


Design and discovery (D&D) stage

As part of this stage, you create user stories (requirements for how the product should
behave when interacting with a user) and plan the overall user
experience. It’s a packaged preview of your product.

Quick start

A blazing fast design sprint to outline the
corners of your product.


  • Product definition
  • Business canvas model
  • Success path user story map
  • Wireframes


5 days


$ 4200

This development is ready to be evaluated.

Focus on the goal

Define the core of your future product.

All the features of Quick Start are there
as well

  • USP and top features by priority
  • Technical specification
  • Customer journey map
  • Customer journey map
  • Visual concept
  • Mockups and clickable prototypes
  • Technical architecture design


10-14 days


$ 6800

This development is ready to be evaluated.

Focus on the goal

Before you launch, impress the market and
find customers.

With Focus on Goals, you get everything plus

  • Brand identity and design
  • Marketing outreach campaign
  • 1 month of Social Media marketing
  • Comfortable SLA support terms
    after the product release


15-20 days


$ 9800

This development is ready to be evaluated.

Alternatively, configure your own set of design
and development services.



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