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iOS With Swift, React Native Developer

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We are looking for a qualified Mobile developer to join our innovative team. You will be working to develop and maintain high-quality mobile applications. If you’re passionate about mobile platforms and translating code into user-friendly apps, we would like to meet you! As a Mobile developer, you’ll collaborate with internal teams to develop functional mobile applications, while working in a fast-paced environment. Ultimately, you should be able to design and build the next generation of mobile applications.

What is so great about this project?

This is a project with an important mission to increase the quality of Social Media App development services with innovative software engineering. The team is passionate about developing a solution for different Module development. The project is a new way to look after Social Media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

We are Looking for an Experienced iOS Developer based in Ahmedabad who has previous experience working on Complex apps like Photo & Video Editing, Art, Background apps, Social Media Tools, Video streaming, purging video, adding video effects and creating different effects, adding stickers on image and video, cropping video, Similar filter, and effect similar to #Instagram Camera like Boomerang, Grid layout, Multi capture, Superzoom, Handsfree, sketch and pencil kit IOS and android, video Filter, Google Face AR API, GPU Image and video processing and Effect, etc.

Who are the people I am going to work with?

There is a well-skilled engineering team on the client side, starting with Senior iOS and Android and Google AR core & Unity 3D developers. Lots of knowledge sharing is encouraged and expected. The plan is to expand the team fast and grow to 20-35 people.


  • You will be working on the technology stack including Swift, iOS SDK, AVFoundationFramework, MLKit, AI, ARKit, and Metalkit, among others.
  • You will be working on various architectures such as MVC, MVVM, VIP, Singleton, Delegate, and Notification patterns.
  • You will advise clients in the decision-making.
  • You will work on exciting, complex, and meaningful projects implementing the best technology and product strategies.
  • You will work closely with Project Managers and the Business Analysts who will be defining the features that are required in the system and mapping it for the future in terms of various user wireframes, diagrams, and documents.
  • You’ll have to collaborate with the designers who will be creating the layouts including the use cases and flows into beautiful User Interfaces.
  • You will be building the next generation of applications leveraging different frameworks including the iOS SDK, and tackling complex problems related to mobile platforms and large-scale backend infrastructure.
  • While you are writing the applications, you will constantly monitor the quality of the created modules with the Quality Engineer working in your team.
  • You will be considering the aspects of scalability, robustness, and security in mind while writing the application.
  • You will be working with the Quality Engineer with various stages and rounds of quality inspection including Automatic and manual End to End testing, Load Testing, Stress Testing, A/B analysis, Accessibility Testing, and Acceptance Testing as per the project requirements
  • Once the system is cleared internally, you would get it uploaded to the stores and constantly monitor the stats, and user feedback, and make the system better based on that.
  • You will get a defined set of tasks divided into weekly sprints so you can plan your days accordingly. Weekly team meetings would be there where you can discuss progress and blockers in your task lists.
  • Apart from coding, you might have some meetings with your team members and clients depending on the project.

We expect you to

  • Passion to solve real-life problems through developed applications.
  • Strong knowledge of Swift, iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch framework, and cocoa touch static library.
  • Extensive knowledge of various extensions (e.g Widgets, AudioKit, Keyboard, CallKit, Message, iMessage).
  • Experienced in UX Design, can translate concept design into a user interface on mobiles like iPhone and iPad.
  • Knowledge of provisioning, distributing, and submission in Appstore Connect.
  • Familiar with iOS design patterns and coding conventions.
  • Apple Human Interface Guidelines and App Store.
  • Web services Integration (synchronous, asynchronous).
  • Local Notification, Push notification, App Group, JSON parsing, XML parsing.
  • Familiarity with In-purchase app, Subscription, and cloud messaging.
  • Solid experience with commonly used 3rd party libraries (e.g. AFNetworking, SwiftyStoreKit).
  • Should have Sound Knowledge of Core Animations, Gestures, and Core Locations.
  • Database technology: SQLite, Coredata (migration), plist, NSUserdefaults.
  • Experience in using version control and CI tools.

If you are an experienced photo/video application developer, you must have the following skills on top of everything that is listed above:

  • Immense love for developing Photo/Video Editing iOS applications and a past experience working on it.
  • Proficiency in AVFoundationFramework, MetalKit, MLKit.
  • Hands-on experience in creating Photo and Video Editing tools such as Multi-video import, Video in Video, Filters, Stickers, Fonts, Speed, Adding/Removing Frames, and Music.

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