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Delivering delight to your doorstep is our mission with the marketplace app we created for businesses

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Client : SiteVibes

Industry : Fast-tracking Software

Team : 6 Year : 1.5

About the project :

Delivering goods and services to customers’ doorsteps with the help of an online platform in Puerto Rico. All deliveries are made on demand, so the customer can track his or her order in real time.

The project offers the following solutions among others:

Swift order management at backend

Ability to manage surge in orders/users

Custom Dashboard for restaurant partners and delivery man.

Strip Payment Intent custom API for handle payout to partner & customer tax calculating.

Our secret recipe

A market place model of ecommerce was used by Order Now to build a flexible, robust and technologically advanced food delivery app. They wanted a platform that would allow multiple vendors to receive orders directly from customers, and the food would be delivered quickly and efficiently.


Supporting both Android & iOS

An app that is able to support both Android and iOS users, without separate applications, which are subject to separate updates and maintenance, was the client’s request.


A fast and efficient backend order management system

Order Now wanted a robust backend system that supported multi-order processes across multiple customers, 24×7, 365 days a year, due to the marketplace model of eCommerce.


Stripe for seamless secure payments

MySquard uses Stripe payment infrastructure to offer their customers and partner payout directly on his bank instantly and weekly pay structure .


hrough the use of React Native and Node.js, we developed Order Now and ensured that it was compatible with Android and iOS devices. In addition to creating a powerful backend order processing system, we developed an advanced server architecture that enabled fast scaling. As a result, the chefs and vendors at Order Now not only delivered food, but also happiness to their customers.

Deploying React Native is super fast

The React Native framework enabled us not only to ensure cross-platform capability, but to shorten the development cycle, as well as to enable incredibly fast maintenance and upgrade procedures.

Order processing system based on a robust backend

In addition to creating eCommerce experiences with fully-featured Laravel packages, we built social content streams, product galleries, and other formats customized to meet the needs of brands.

eCommerce-specific Development

Order Now uses a marketplace business model, which requires a robust backend system to process orders quickly, monitor existing orders, and communicate seamlessly between customers and delivery partners.


As ITserviceus customers from day one, we were supported by developers who understood our requirements and made an extra effort to highlight all possible weaknesses and soft spots.

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Team Extension .Visual Studio. AWS . HTML . SCSS . Web Development . Mobile Development


We partnered with AXA, world’s 2nd biggest insurance firm & provided 80% faster roadside assistance.



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