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Client : SiteVibes

Industry : Fast-tracking Software

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Our team at IT Services India was asked to create a tech-powered solution for BoxLty that would help property owners showcase their properties promptly and buyers quickly check out a large number of options without wasting time.

The company wanted a technology-enabled system for buyers and sellers that would save them time when house hunting. A system that would let any potential buyer check out any property instantly.

By deploying a Bluetooth-enabled Internet of Things locking and unlocking mechanism for all real estate properties on sale or rent, we solved the puzzle. With Bluetooth enabled locking and unlocking capabilities, the owners can now do it remotely without having to be physically present.

We were contracted to design an app, develop a branding and develop a website for Boxlty Realty, a technology-based real estate company specializing in residential sales. ArtVersion provided guidance as well as development planning for the work-in-progress concepts. ArtVersion was able to turn Boxlty’s ideas into reality through agile collaboration sessions, wireframing curation, and UX design development.

What They Are And How They Work

Boxlty’s collaboration with IT Services India involved developing the user interface kit for InstashowTM, their real estate app. With automated self-access biometric security verification and data management within the InstashowTM app, potential home buyers can view a property at any time with automated self-access. This resulted in a faster, more productive home sale.

The result

With a micro-service architecture, we created a large, complex, and independent content-aggregation platform to facilitate the discovery and organization of relevant content for all types of users.

Boxlty’s mobile application has been completely redesigned, and a delightful user experience has been developed, aimed at increasing productivity and saving time. With features like scheduling visits and tracking the visitors, we provided buyers with the tools they needed to sell or rent out their properties in a matter of minutes without spending much time and resources.

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Team Extension . Web Development .Visual Studio. AWS . HTML . SCSS . Mobile Development


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Team Extension Visual Studio. AWS . HTML . SCSS . Web Development . Mobile Development


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