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Superinn, is a Web-based property management software designed for Bed and Breakfasts, Inns, Cabin Operators, Boutique Hotels and Property Management Companies.


Industry : property management software


During the one-year development process, 6 PHP developers and a Project Manager built the backend and frontend, and many customisations were made to the guest management system and an online reservation system for Hotel on Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based Application .

Guest Management we are developing a guest management system and an online reservation system that replaces Hotel need for a reservation booking or guest management features and replacing hotel’s need for separate online availability and online reservation software.

Features integration

Marketing Automation | Point of Sale (POS) | GDS/OTA Integration | Maintenance Management | Online Booking | Built-in Accounting | Catering Management | CRM | Employee Management | Extended Stay | For Vacation Rentals | Loyalty Program | Multi-Property | Single Property

More case studies

Rental Host

This community of Vacation Hosts has been revolutionized by powerful technology

Team Extension .Visual Studio. AWS . HTML . SCSS . Web Development . Mobile Development

Giddy Up

GiddyUP is a cloud based solution sitting between lead generation and accounting system creating, automating and streamlining a workflow that is configured for your operations.

Sencha Touch . Web SQL . Visual Studio. AWS . HTML . SCSS


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