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Changing the world of sports prediction games, one swipe at a time

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Client : SiteVibes

Industry : Fast-tracking Software

Team : 6 Year : 1.5

The challenge:

In the course of analyzing SiteVibes’ product and development requirements, we were able to begin our collaboration within a few weeks. SiteVibes’ initial code was written by their CTO, but they needed additional development resources to expedite product development. Polcode’s expertise in eCommerce, coupled with our experience building digital marketing platforms, led to a perfect match between both parties.


With SiteVibes’ help, IT Services India developers developed additional features along with the SiteVibes team by migrating to the high-performance Laravel framework. To give customers a more engaging experience when shopping online, the project leveraged Instagram and Facebook user-generated content. While our partnership is ongoing, we offer full-featured product developer teams that include the following services:

Frontend Development

We built the SiteVibes ecommerce widgets using the Vue open-source framework for flexibility and speed. Showcasing social media content requires a more nuanced setup than typical content management systems.

App Development

In addition to creating eCommerce experiences with fully-featured Laravel packages, we built social content streams, product galleries, and other formats customized to meet the needs of brands.

eCommerce-specific Development

With our expertise working on platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and BigCommerce, we can quickly integrate and build features with eCommerce-specific uses.

Platform for visual marketing and social engagement

SiteVibes Visual Marketing and Social Engagement helps eCommerce companies discover and engage customers. They worked with IT Services India product developers to quickly build and launch a visual marketing platform that boosts conversions by up to 20% and motivates shoppers to purchase.

The result

An ongoing collaboration between a core team (SiteVibes) and the extended team offshore (IT services India).

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Changing the world of sports prediction games, one swipe at a time



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