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Changing the world of sports prediction games, one swipe at a time

Client : SiteVibes

Industry : Fast-tracking Software

Team : 6 Year : 1.5

The challenge:

Having started as a single product proposition, we helped our client grow into a multi-client white label proposition available across 5 continents and in 7 languages (and growing every day).


Client offers free-to-play sports predictor contests powered by white label native and web apps.

From native app development and back-office architecture to deployments across platforms, we collaborated with the client across every technical aspect of the project.

It was our responsibility to ensure that new project builds were released on a timely basis while the client conceptualized the UI and prioritized the road map. To support this, we invested in technology that enabled multiple builds to be deployed in one platform, saving the client significant time and resources.


Growth can’t happen without challenges Leveraging strengths, we’ve brought on more people with specialized skills and expertise to take this project to the next level Knowledge transfer can be slow and difficult, but our effective onboarding process made it a breeze.

It took us a few days to get used to the database architecture and understand how everything worked when we started working on the project.

Having a scalable server architecture ensured that no matter what the workload is, the infrastructure will be able to handle it, which made it absolutely worth it.


As ITserviceus customers from day one, we were supported by developers who understood our requirements and made an extra effort to highlight all possible weaknesses and soft spots.

Patrick Sundqvist

Project Manager at Velosophy

The result

At Litebox, we pride ourselves on keeping open lines of communication to ensure the client is always informed as soon as tasks are completed.

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Changing the world of sports prediction games, one swipe at a time

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