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Weed Pro is a locally owned company with branches in Cleveland, Columbus, and Cincinnati. Build a Cloud-Based SaaS Application for Lawn Fertilization Services.

Client : Weed- pro

Industry : Lawn Fertilisation Services

About weed Pro

In order to create a truly WOW factor for Weed Pro’s new inbound marketing website, IT Services India had to figure out how to bring it to life.

What problems Rental Host faced

While known for the great-looking yards they help create, Weed Pro struggled to convey that same sense of invite and interest in their website. Not only was the website dated, but it didn’t focus on educating users or converting them into customers.

Our secret recipe

Homeowners and property managers may find lawn care to be a boring chore, but there are still opportunities to make it more exciting for users. This engagement factor is what gives local lawn care companies a competitive edge.


Scalable & robust with efficient architectural design

Our research and creative thinking put to the test, Weed Pro’s new website design was ready to go. Following our website redesign process, we created a visual site map and homepage mockup.


Delightful user experience

As soon as visitors arrive on our new website, a clean, bright, and modern one, our team wanted to make sure they were able to interact with us in a friendly and exciting way. The hero image (see below) now includes an effect that lets the user see how their lawn could look with the right treatments.


Stripe for seamless secure payments

We completely redesigned the Skyhub MLS application, and incubated a delightful user experience, with a strong focus on enhancing productivity and saving time. With features such as scheduling visits and live tracking of the visitors, we ensured that without investing much time and resources, a buyer is able to sell or rent out their properties in minimum effort.


As ITserviceus customers from day one, we were supported by developers who understood our requirements and made an extra effort to highlight all possible weaknesses and soft spots.

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